Stop Trying to End Abortion

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Pro life? Pro choice? To be honest it doesn’t matter much to me whether you are either of the two.  No it is not because I am pacifist, it isn’t because of inexperience, and it is certainly not because I simply want to start a controversy.  However I would like to challenge your way of thinking and your perspective on critical issues.  I will do this by taking the word of God and using it as a filter through which we look at this issue and maybe even some others like it.

Let me start with sin.  The bible does not speak directly to the act of abortion.  However taking life is murder.  So if abortion is taking a life, than it is murder (I say if because I am not arguing for either side).  That abortion is sin, is the average Christian’s belief.  Fine, than lets continue with that idea, that abortion is sin.  So because believers feel that abortion is sin, and because they want to preserve life, they believe it is best to do this by means of voting, anti-abortion rallies, Facebook ads that would make Hitler cry, and t-shirts that speak against the act of abortion.  To me that is very interesting.  I can’t help but wonder, if God himself were trying to rescue a group of people from their sin, If He wanted them to stop sinning, to stop destroying themselves and each other, if he wanted to preserve life, or lets say give life, what would He do? That’s simple, He gave them Jesus.  He didn’t tell us to stop sinning because He knew how bad it was for us.  He didn’t take a vote, or post a status, or rant about how we were so horrible and that we should not do what we were doing.  No, instead He allowed His Son to be killed. He allowed His Son’s life to be taken from Him, most brutally.  All so that we would be free from the desires of our sinful nature.  So that we could have true life, so that death would not reign over us.

So why do we not follow the example God gave us?  Because we are full of empty religion.    We show people their sin and tell them they should not do that.  We remind them of how awful we think they are because they are even thinking about having an abortion, or mabye because they’re homosexual… (Yes I would apply this to that topic as well)  We give people a list of rules and tell them to follow them, knowing good and well from the example of the old testament that this is impossible apart from the transforming power of Christ.

The truth is, whatever you focus on, will get bigger.  That is why the more the Israelites were told not to sin, the more they did.  That is why the law was not sufficient for salvation. The law simply showed them their sin, without providing a means to stop.  When we have anti-abortion rallies, post statuses about how wrong abortion is, blast the people who are pro-choice, all we are doing is serving them a good helping of guilt, sin, and hatred.  We are shouting, STOP ABORTION! STOP ABORTION! The more we shout ABORTION, the more they are killing the very lives we are trying to protect.  We are simply showing them their sin.  The bible actually tells us how to stop sinning.  It says to “Strip off the sin that so easily trips us up….We do this by KEEPING OUR EYES ON JESUS”.  Not SIN. JESUS.  When your eyes are on sin, all you can see is sin.  There is not one human who can continue to look at sin without giving in to the temptation.  However when you turn and look at Jesus, your eyes are no longer on the sin.  The sin will not grow, but the love you have for Jesus will, and there will be no room for sin.

I believe if we put as much effort into telling woman about the life changing power of Jesus as we do trying to make abortion illegal, than we might actually start making progress.  The church has for years, tried to make abortion illegal, and the results speak for themselves. Abortion is on the rise. But if we would just give them hope for tomorrow through Jesus, no matter their circumstance, they would not want to have an abortion.  If we could get their eyes off of abortion and on to Jesus, then we have followed the example God Himself.  You cannot expect a sinful world to follow your rules just because you say they are best.  Instead we must show them why they are best.  We must show them the life that only Jesus can offer.  We must stop trying to end abortion, and start trying to win souls.


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