Don’t Give God a Chance

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Don’t give God a chance.  As a matter of fact i will go so far as to say that God doesn’t even want you to give Him a chance.  I mean lets just be real for a second.  We’re talking about GOD.  The one who created everything that was, is, and will be by simply using His words. Do we really believe that this God would want to have just a moment of your time? I don’t believe so…

Driving down the road just a few days ago, I was listening to a local christian radio station when a lady came on the air giving a testimony about why she loved this particular station.  Then she said something that struck a nerve with me: “When I’m in the car, listening to the radio, it is my chance to reflect on God.” Reflect on God? Her chance? listening to the radio? While I do not believe there is anything wrong with reflecting on God while listening to the radio, I do have some concern about the word ‘chance’ being used in this sentence.  As if to say the only chance she has to spend alone with Jesus is when she is in the car, or that all of the other priorities that she has are far more important to her than spending time with Jesus.  However, I do not want to single her out, because I’m sure there are times, or are times right now when we do the same thing. When we “fit” God into our schedule.  Let’s just take a moment and find out.  When you are preparing the mental list of your schedule for the day, what does it include? Mabye school, grocery shopping, paying bills, outdoor activities, mowing the grass, or maybe even church…But what about spending time, alone, in prayer, in the word, meditating, reflecting, and listening? Is this something you plan, or make room for? Is it something you think about, or something your reminded of when listening to a christian song?

It really is a funny concept to think that our lives and the things we do are worth sending an invitation to God, inviting Him to be apart of it all A.K.A “Giving Him a chance”.  But the truth is, God wants nothing to do with your life and the things you do.  Instead, He wants to invite you, into His life and to the things that He is doing.  Think about it.  Why would a poor man with nothing invite a rich man with everything over to his home to eat? He wouldn’t. And if He did, the rich man would say, “Your crazy! You come to my home and we will eat here, like sons and daughters of the King.” God wants us to drop everything we are doing that isn’t getting us closer to Him and come after Him.  He calls us to leave it all behind.

As a matter of fact, that is His invitation for salvation. It is also something He commands us to do daily. He even goes so far as to say that if we don’t…We can’t follow Him. When we do, when we finally give up our time, our resources, maybe our jobs, our money, and anything else, just so that we can spend time with HIm, and work along side of Him, then He can give us His life, the only true life, the abundant life.  Don’t give God a chance, but instead let Him give you a chance to come into His kingdom, His power, and His presence. Daily.


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