About Me

I am follower of Jesus Christ.  My identity is in Him.  I am who He has enabled me to become.  I am in a process of becoming like Him by allowing Him to live through me, daily.

I was born in El Paso, Texas.  However I was not there long, my dad was in the military and as a result I moved a lot for first few years of my life.  It wasn’t until we moved to Virginia that we finally settled down in one place.  I’ve had the awesome privilege of growing up with a more than awesome family.  They have always taught me the word of God and loved me unconditionally through anything and everything.  However my true devotion to Jesus and intimate relationship with Him did not begin until after I had graduated high school.  Before I started following Him I was, like you and everyone else who was or is, a wreck.  It just happened to be more obvious in my life.  The use of drugs and alcohol was what I found quite appealing, until it drove me into the ground, more than once.  With the lack of peace and the feeling of fear and depression suffocating my life, along with an intense desire to be significant in the world around me, I made the decision to make Jesus the leader and master of my life and my decisions.  He didn’t let me down.  In fact, He has and continues to make my life one that is full of opportunity and significance.  He has done more for me and through me than I can explain or comprehend.  He is awesome. Seriously.

My life since making that decision has been full of excitement.  It began with supernatural deliverance from the things I had love for so long.  Now I love Him.  He then allowed me to lead a homeless ministry in Virginia that He was able to use to help and encourage others as well as prepare me for what was next.  He sent me to Oneonta, AL to attend GCN School of Ministry as well as train under the lead Pastor as a staff intern at World Outreach Center in an effort to become a full-time Missionary.  This is where I am currently.  He has been doing awesome things in me and through.  I am so grateful to be on mission with the greatest leader that ever lived, Jesus.

For more info on where I’m at in my missionary journey, check out my website at www.adamlott.org


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